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Congratulatios to Jon Binning, the 2014 ULMA Champion!

Weekend Quick Results:

Lucas Oil Speedway, 9/20/14
1) Payton Looney
2) Ethan Young
3) Dwight Niehoff
4) Jason Bodenhamer
5) Larry Ferris
$15 Kids to 1XL
$17 2XL and 3XL
We must officially announce that an error was made in our points-factoring spreadsheet for the 2014 ULMA Championship. It is with deep regret that we mistakenly listed Dwight Niehoff as the 2014 ULMA Champion. However, upon further review of the point's scheme used for factoring ULMA points, Jon Binning is the official 2014 ULMA Champion per the points-factoring system as listed at

We made contact with Mr. Niehoff and Mr. Binning regarding this unfortunate error. Being the true champion and sportsmen that he is, although understandably disappointed, Mr. Niehoff was informed of the decision. Niehoff had an outstanding year with ULMA this season and we are honored to have this graduate of UNOH as a participant in sanctioned ULMA activities. We are certain that if Niehoff continues to race ULMA-sanctioned events, he will be fighting for the championship just as he did this year, right down to the last race. ULMA accepts full responsibility for the oversight and apologized to the Niehoff family. Mr. Binning was notified after Mr. Niehoff had been notified of the oversight.

The association cannot undo the accolades bestowed upon Mr. Niehoff on the final night of competition at Lucas Oil Speedway and wishes to apologize for the confusion and/or embarrassment this may have caused both him, his family, sponsors, and fans. ULMA also acknowledges and apologizes for any confusion this may have caused with the Speedway, Car Owners, and those affiliated with the Niehoff family.

We must not lose sight that Jon Binning is the 2014 ULMA Champion and on behalf of everyone at ULMA, we wish to congratulate Mr. Binning on his championship season. Both men are championship caliper drivers. ULMA has already devised a formulated spreadsheet but is looking into both electronic score-keeping methods and other means of scoring points to ensure a similar error does not occur again. Unfortunately, the mistake occurred and was missed in the quality review process. No one person is at blame for the oversight, it was a mistake on ULMA's behalf.
                                                                   Sincerely, ULMA.
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10/18/14 ULMA Banquet, email for reservations!
Banquet held at American Legion Post 131, Warrensburg, Missouri, just off E Hwy 50